HA! Taylor Trashes Her Own!

This made us laugh. It’s from Taylor herself, to her own commenters:

“I am not responsible, nor do we at TM.com police the comment section of this blog. Frankly, that’s impossible at this point. YOU ALL HAVE TO POLICE YOUR OWN COMMUNITY. Touting Bill O’Reilly? Some of you expect allegiance to Clinton, without any dissent at all. It’s insulting to intellectual discourse. Calling someone a “troll” is serious. But the level of discourse in the comments is something we at TM.com do not control. Here is an example of the emails I’m getting about comments around here:

But, I find your posters to be so hateful and angry, I don’t understand how they are part of the Democratic Party. Disagree with him? That’s their right. But these comments are disturbing. Will they look back and regard his candidacy or this speech as historical in some way? Not ever. They are and likely always will be so filled with hate, they will never appreciate what’s going on here, even if they never planned to vote for him.

It’s up to you to change the level of discourse. I cannot do it for you.”

2 Responses to “HA! Taylor Trashes Her Own!”

  1. Kevin K. Says:

    Nice work lately. Damn, you’ve got a treasure chest of crazeeeeeee documented. The link to LGF was inevitable after the big bear hugs they gave Mark Steyn. It’s only a matter of time before you or I find a pro-Michael Savage link somewhere from a Hillshill commenter.

    Don’t know if you saw what James Wolcott wrote. I’m glad at least one Clinton supporter is noticing how freaky his team is getting.

  2. Robster Says:

    This is awesome. So much material to throw in their faces if Barack Obama is not nominated by the Democrats.

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