Big Ears and Glasses Equals Black in America?

Now HERE is a real winner from a real progressive who understands the Black Experience in America:

wodiej the idiot:
The black community thinks they are the only ones who have been discriminated against or had to endure emotional pain. Women, gays, handicapped, people who are overweight, wear glasses, have a big nose, big ears, and I could go on and on-have all been subjected to this biased, hurtful and unjustifed torment. The difference is some people use these situations to rise above it and become better people because of it. What possible good does it do to stay angry, hurt and resentful over something that happened decades ago? Absolutely nothing.

So, what this fine progressive is saying is that African Americans just need to get over slavery. And Jim Crow. And institutional poverty and racism. And Driving While Black. And Rodney King.
Yeah, get over it. Because the suffering of people with glasses is equal to the obstacles faced by the African American community in America. Eff You. I’m a white Polack, and even I see how stupid this is.

Yeah, wodiej, these folks would be doing what is happening below if the guy was white.

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