Pastor Problems?

Been tied up with grading and work, but we will be bringing some of the best, most insightful comments from Taylor Marsh and friends this weekend. And boy are there some doozies. Just a taste for now concerning how utterly silly and apparently ignorant these folks are:

From NJDem:
OK, I need to catch up on the posts, but I just got back from dinner at my brothers. Obviously, the Rev. controversy was the talk over Friday night dinner (politics always is) and my brother and my sister-in-law, both HRC supporters, said they will vote for McCain if BO is the nominee.Just thought I’d mention it. This Wright issue seems to be the straw that broke the camels back. FWIW.

So, they are going to vote for McCain because Wright is a nasty man. Let’s have a quiz. We will give you two descriptions, and you see which one comes from a pastor who is either supporting McCain or is actually his spiritual advisor:Pastor John Hagee: accused the Catholic Church of being the Whore of Babylon; advocates for a Euro-Islamic attack on Israel to bring in the Rapture; accused gays of causing Katrina;

Pastor Ron Parsley: advocates for all out war and genocidal destruction of followers of Islam; viciously anti-gay; preacher of hate against Muslims and Islam in any form; believes that Columbus came to America in part to fight Islam and that it is America’s devout purpose

If you guessed that BOTH men were specifically sought out by McCain for an endorsement, and that Parsley is in fact his spiritual advisor, you win the prize! And REVEREND WRIGHT is the reason that folks will turn from Obama and maybe, horrors, vote McCain?BTW: Obama rejects and renounces Wright’s sermons here.

(Incidentally, we here at the TM Experience shared this information about McCain’s own pastor problems with Taylor Marsh, but for some reason, our comments did not appear. How odd)

Update: One Drop over at Too Sense has a fantastic post on when it is and is not acceptable to blame the US for 9/11. Two words: the gays.

2 Responses to “Pastor Problems?”

  1. Pastor Problems? Says:

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  2. Sean ¨manamongst¨Hussein Says:

    One can only guess what´s afflicting them. I´ve registered and tried to leave even the most level-headed comments and they haven´t seen the light of day. I´m assuming that their administrators are green and red lighting comments and those friendly voices, the usual suspects, ie: dee4hill, IndyRobin, and their hero wodiej, are on someone´s payroll somewhere. Senator Clinton blew through a lot of money and this is her only sign of grassroots activism and it stinks of wingnut welfare wether it´s her own campagn doing it or the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. What her website is is a case study of politico-socio-psyhcological insurgence. Someone or some attitude seeped into the weakest democratic link and poisoned their ranks. The forbidden fruit they took? Entitlement, exposing our liberal weakness of address issues. Like racial tensions within the feminist movement, how entitled many well-off white Americans have been faring in the political movement without any real results. How the consultant welfare system is clearly coming to an end, and numerous other things. But most importantly they or something tapped into that impulsion that everyone has within but other have to a higher degree of greed.
    Marsh´s website has totally become a rightwing modelled website now. She ironically mocks her detractors in a section called ¨hatemail¨.

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