This is just stupid:

Female represents 52% of oppressed people in the US, and African American represents 15% of oppressed people in the US, so 52% is obviously much more historic.Gee, you really want to compare oppressions? How many women were lynched for pushing for voting rights? How many women were given poll tests and poll taxes to prevent them from voting? Oh, but you say, women got the vote later! Ok. Women got the vote around 1919 and faced few if any obstacles to voting! AFRICAN AMERICANS OF BOTH GENDERS DID NOT TRULY GET THEIR RIGHT TO EQUAL PARTICIPATION UNTIL 1965!
This comparison of oppressions…it drives me nuts.

And this one:

I don’t think women voting for Obama are traitors. They should be choosing the most qualified person – it’s that a lot of young people have got caught up in his revival mode. They also have the benefit of the work that those who came before them did. I bet most don’t know that the AA man got to vote 50 years before women

And couldn’t actually use it all that much until almost 50 years later. Bet you didn’t know that..


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