Ok, feeling a bit burned out, so blogging will be a bit light this weekend, but just thought we would share the hypocrisy of the night with you from the Clintonites at Taylor Marsh.

Chrisss says, apparently with a straight face:

All of his talk about his superior judgment. And he gets into a relationship like this with such a sleazy character. Very disturbing. Even if he did nothing illegal, when you take favors from people like this they are going to want something in return. Any adult knows that.

Now, come on. This was NOT just said? Let’s chat a bit about dogs and fleas, shall we? Let’s look at some of those fleas that will bite The Goddess Clinton during the GE, friend Chrisss:

Marc and Denise Rich

Frank Giustra
Nursultan A. Nazarbayev

Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional

The Weathermen

The Saudis

Sandy Berger

And the list can go on…and I think it will…

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