Clinton and Florida

August J. Pollack at Some Guy With a Website fumes:

While I’m on a tear about it, I’d like to add that one of the lines the Clinton supporters really need to stop embarrassing themselves with is the notion that Clinton should be the nominee because she’ll win Florida.

She won’t.

Please stop saying Florida is a “swing state.” It’s a red state. Over a quarter of Democrats in the state are willing to vote for McCain over either Clinton or Obama, and that’s not even factoring in the possibility that McCain may choose the popular former [edit: oopsie] Florida governor Charlie Crist to be his running mate.

Someone a while back- I think it may have been Ezra- pointed out the obvious for 2008- if the Democrat, whoever it is, wins Florida this year, it will be because of a national popularity that makes the rest of the country irrelevant. In other words, if Obama or Clinton wins Florida, it’s because they’ve also won Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Iowa, and Missouri by large margins.

And this sure won’t help her win:
Um..(teh Gay) Dog Whistle! Here, Conservatives! Good Boys!


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