The Wayback Machine

Scrolling through her archives, I found this post from Taylor Marsh, dated over a year ago, 09 Feb 07:

No matter who you have your heart set on for ’08, even if it’s Al Gore, there’s little doubt that Senator Barack Obama is one of the most exciting candidates to come on to the political stage since, well, Bill Clinton. Obama’s personal story is nothing short of amazing. His path to the U.S. Senate is as well…Hillary Clinton has come out against General Casey, scapegoating the general for Iraq just like John McCain. That’s not only a problem for me, it’s wrong. Someone should tell her about the man who got away, General Tommy Franks, and has a medal to keep him warm. It’s unfortunate that Casey has become the convenient shield for Senators Clinton and McCain, though there’s something sympatico about it, now isn’t there?

Not around here.

The excitement is real for Obama. But it takes more than talent to win your way to the White House. It takes a lot of money and rock hard toughness. It remains to be seen if Barack Obama has both of those, though it will be great fun watching him make a race of it.

Wow. Wonder if she still thinks its ‘great fun.’ When did she go off the rails?

4 Responses to “The Wayback Machine”

  1. Robster Says:

    That’s a great find. I’m glad you have the intestinal fortitude to go through those archives because I certainly don’t.

  2. bostondreams Says:

    I always ensure that a hot shower is waiting for me when I am done!

  3. Manamongst Says:


  4. Manamongst Says:

    Wait a minute you may wanna make sure she doesn’t see that she may explode. Like when quantum Physist say happens if someone were to travel into the past and come into contact with themself.

    Or maybe she’ll just throw-up in her mouth a bit…

    She’s either crazy, or doing it for the money.

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