The Rezko Game

We here at the TM Experience, while quite enjoying the…interesting..comments of her friends, also take pleasure in pointing out the hypocrisy of the lovely Taylor Marsh. She and her commenters have linked incessantly to material on the Rezco trial (most recently, here and here): I wonder if they will link to this piece about the trial, from Margie Burns:

Of the other five defendants, three have donated to the Clintons or to Clinton supporters, three have donated mostly to Republicans, and at least two have donated to Obama’s political opponents. None have donated to Obama.

Not to be cute, but ‘burned’! How soon until we see Marsh talk about the other defendants in the trial?

(h/t: Sully)

Update: And then there is this from TPM, concerning how th Clintons got a sweet deal to get their own mansion (a key accusation of the Marshians, you’ll remember):

While searching for a picture of the Clinton mansion to compare to Obama’s I ran across this 1999 story from the NY Times:

Financial Engineering in the Clinton House Deal

And while I admittedly do not understand the whole thing, it catches my attention and raises hypocrisy issues with the Clinton campaigns repeated bringing up of the Rezko non-issue.

Read the post over at TPMCafe. It links to a NY Times article that explains just how the Clintons, friend to Blue collar Dems everywhere, were able to afford their own mansion without having to explain that they were broke.

4 Responses to “The Rezko Game”

  1. Kyle E. Moore Says:

    This in all likelihood will be the first story posted tomorrow at CFLF.

  2. Kyle E. Moore Says:

    Tomorrow morning I mean.

    Holy crap.

  3. “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here” » Comments from Left Field Says:

    […] part, BD focuses on the commenters at Taylor Marsh’s blog, but he takes a quick detour to warn the Clintonistas that they may want to rethink how hard they press the Tony Rezko issue.  Indeed, there are pitfalls in pursuing the trial going on right now, as well as Obama’s […]

  4. Manamongst Says:

    True indeed brother…preach on.

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