NAFTA-gate: ANOTHER Clinton lie

I have to go teach undergrads in a minute, but wanted to share this, since you probably won’t see it on Taylor Marsh’s swamp. Ha. A pun.

How about a do over in Ohio???


4 Responses to “NAFTA-gate: ANOTHER Clinton lie”

  1. candy Says:

    This is not news or would not be buried on some blog site. No named sources. Probably an Obama Cult Troll that works for the news made up this story. Just like NYT McCain Flap.

    To Bad Obama’s Nafta-Gate has sources and a memo that does have Obama lying about NAFTA-Obama-GATE

  2. dog fich Says:

    A few people over heard that Obama was going to BOMB Canada for releasing the MEMO which exposed Obama in the middle of a LIE. Thats a story to.

  3. bostondreams Says:

    Buried on some blog site? It’s in a freaking national newspaper. And we will see who said what after the investigation. The Clintons and corruption go hand in hand. And hey, Clinton was for Nafta before she was against it, and if you think her own agents didn’t tell the Canadians the same things that Goolsbee ‘supposedly’ told them, they you are simply blinded by your cult like devotion to some mythical era of Clinton success.

  4. bostondreams Says:

    And, incidentally, the memo proves nothing. It’s still he said-he said. So nice try. Good to see you believe something put out by a right wing political party.

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