Hillary the Savior

We here at the TM Experience focus mostly on the commenters over at Taylor’s Land of Classless Clintonites, but we do enjoy discussing Taylor’s silliness as well. For example, her current bit of silliness centers on the following declaration:

In the opening stands Hillary Clinton. The first woman who ever had a chance to change the country and the world in one swoop. A woman with the U.S. military Armed Forces standing by her side and backing her up. Strength beyond wisdom, which comes through alliances gotten through years of hard work. A woman with a lifetime of experience applying for The Job.

A fighter, but not just to win. To lead. To change the world. A woman at the helm. It can happen. Believe.

Really? She can change the country and the world? How is going back to the divisive 1990’s ‘changing the world’?

Now John McCain looms large. War hero. Tortured veteran. Experienced national security hawk.

We here at the TM Experience are still waiting for Taylor to reject and renounce this charming piece by her ally Gloria Steinem. If she were to be believed, McCain’s stature as a war hero doesn’t matter.

Okay, I’m done with her. Let’s check in on her fans.


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