Cackling Crows

Well, it looks as though it was a rough night for Obama; Clinton took Ohio and looks to take Texas, though the latter is close. We here at the TM Experience will provide some of the best comments from Taylor’s Clintonite Horde as soon as we can. However, here is my favorite so far. It’s so good to see Clintonites with class..and a really bad memory.

Northwest Rain, responding to a comment that a Clinton/Obama ticket would be unbeatable:
Sorry Andrys — you are nuts. Obama would horribly injure a Hillary Clinton campaign.

1) Nafta gate — Obama gate

2) Rizko

3) The mansion with the shady history.

4) Obama’s basic lack of experience.

Clinton needs someone like Wes Clark — who has the experience and he is a true intellectual!

Obama is a WIMP. He is a loser! He is a liar! and Obama hates women.

Oh, so much class. Northwest Rain thinks OBAMA is compromised? Wait until the Republicans pull out the Clinton Library in the general election, with its associated pardons and favors (see here, here, here, among others), assuming she is the nominee. You want to play the scandal game, we can play the scandal game!

And of course, we have the old ‘Obama is a sexist’ meme that runs rampant. Don’t these people have any sense?

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