We here at the TM Experience are no fans of Drudge. We believe that that hat he wears is just silly, and went out with the great Francis Albert Sinatra. That being said, here is Taylor Marsh, concerning the revelation that Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan:

Drudge blows Harry’s cover. All that matters to Drudge is a scoop, so I’m not going to link to him. But if a Democratic blogger or journalist did this the wingnuts would rightfully blow the roof.

Some Republicans have no scruples at all when it comes to protecting or respecting the military, whether it’s over there or over here. The story of Prince Harry’s duty was embargoed, until Drudge blew it across his blog. Now it’s all over the media and CNN.

Um, nope. Sorry, Taylor, Drudge was simply reporting a story that had been out since January:

The British media had agreed on a news blackout on his tour of duty amid fear for the 23-year-old royal’s safety and that of his squad.

But New Idea magazine’s website broke the news, followed by a German website and then the influential American internetĀ site the Drudge Report.

Once again, Taylor goes for ratings rather than truth. We here at the TM Experience have informed Taylor of her error in the comments to her page, but alas, it does not seem to have made it past the censor. Though this did:

Yes, I’ve been checking their schedules everyday and I am really struck by Hillary, Bill, AND Chelsea’s total commitment and dedication to this campaign. They are the true heroes in all of this.

Soooo heroic to campaign for President, something the Clintons have been doing for 8 years. OF COURSE Chelsea and Bill are going to dedicate themselves to the campaign! These folks would find heroism in Clinto passing gas, I think.

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