Stupid Self Hating Women

“Women alone, without any men voting for Hillary Clinton could make her president. But they won’t. Because many of them hate and revile her and when asked why, they don’t even know. Poor brainwashed, braindead little twits who evidently embrace their status as second-class citizens.”

I have no snark. This is just stupid. Really. Stupid. Tell Mrs. Bostondreams she is brainwashed and braindead. The woman is my idol, and brighter than me, and the person I admire most in the world. kenoshaMarge, you are an ASSHOLE.

One Response to “Stupid Self Hating Women”

  1. Voting with the Vagina « The TM Experience Says:

    […] they do not get it. To these friends of Taylor’s, women supporting Obama are abused or idiots. (yeah, I referred to my own posts..Taylor inspires […]

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