‘I’m Divorcing My Husband’

Now, this election has brought out a lot of antagonism between Obama and Clinton supporters, but one would hope that it wouldn’t lead to divorce. Let’s hope that is not the case here, but the comment from Mary Ellen makes one pause:

“Hillary cleaned Obama’s clock but you would never know it by the media coverage. I had to laugh because my husband is an Obambot (I’ll divorce him soon) and he wasn’t even home during the debate. When he came in the door I made a comment about MSNBC falling all over themselves over everything Obama said and bashing Hillary for everything she said, and he responded with “Well, maybe YOUR the one who’s seeing it wrong!” Typical Obamabot defending the guy when he didn’t even watch the debate. I hope HIllary wins so I can rub it in his nose as I’m signing the divorce papers. ”

Now really, this says alot about the Hillary supporters. They refuse to recognize that they have the same blind spot about their candidate that they accuse Obama supporters of having. And, um, well, geez, Mary Ellen just seems mean! Poor husband.


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