‘Drinking the Koolaid’

It’s update time again, dear friends! We here at the Taylor Marsh experience are excited to be bringing you the best reactions of the Taylorites concerning tonights debate. So without further delay, here is one of the more humorous reactions of the night, from the lovely Scan:

“Check out this analysis from DailyObama’s front page:

“Watching Clinton’s posture as she listens to Obama’s last answer, she looks defeated to me. She’s just not carrying as much energy and focus in the lines of her body and face when she’s not talking.

And I think that’s the story of the debate.”

THATS the story of the debate? Guys, please put down the koolaid before its too late.”

Perhaps Scan has not read his/her friends comments when he/she discusses ‘koolaid’? I think the next commenter might want to contact Rev. Jones for a refill:

Senator Hillary Clinton is ONE AMAZING WOMAN! That’s why she is WORTHY to be President!

Okay, I’m sorry, no comeback for that one. I yield. Ha. But friends, the fun is just starting! Let’s check out some more!


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