Voting with the Vagina

Jonas88 says:

“I also think that Emily’s list needs to rethink their approach. Its obvious that their approach of supporting women for congress is not working when women that were supported by emily’s list then turn around and dont support another women candidate. I think ifyou are going togetmoney from emily’s list the least you can do is support other women candidates!”

Sooooo….women have to automatically support the female candidate? What if she is..gasp..a Republican? What if..gasp…she is not the best candidate? Are women supposed to vote with their brains and hearts, or their reproductive organs? Aren’t you the same folks that get upset because the majority of African-Americans are supporting the African-American candidate? Hypocrisy..and they do not get it. To these friends of Taylor’s, women supporting Obama are abused or idiots. (yeah, I referred to my own posts..Taylor inspires me!)

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