The Great Debate: Taylor’s Friends React (Top 10)

So, we here at the Taylor Marsh Experience promised to bring you the most..interesting…debate reactions from the friendly and completely non-cultic folks over at Taylor’s Place. So without further ado, we proudly bring you the Top 10 Reasons That That Taylor Marsh Commenters Are Just Silly (with commentary):

10. God, Chelsea is SUCH an asset for Hillary. She’s so obviously proud, and she’s VERY photogenic. (So now we are worshipping the former First Daughter. How Nice.)9. In closing, if anyone wonders why people have it out for the Clintons, I can tell you simply what my mother has told me in the past: “the darkness does not like the light”. The Clintons have helped every day people and the Republicans could care less. (Um actually, I would argue that folks have it out for the Clintons because it could be argued that Bill disgraced the office of the President and that they are seen as morally bankrupt and duplicitous. But your mileage may vary. And again, WHEN DID THEY HELP EVERYDAY PEOPLE? DOMA, DADN, Welfare ‘Reform’….geez.)

8. I let her and her campaign have it for numerous fuck ups they’ve made in this debate.. I am beyond furious.. I think my head’s going to explode. (This made me laugh. Honestly, I thought Clinton did fine in the debate. Apparently, Hubris (how appropriate) wanted Hillary to tear off Barack’s head and piss down his neck, then declare herself a uniter. Or something.)

7. How the hell are his crazy followers going to help him make policy? (We here at the TM Experience are glad to see that those folks over at Taylor’s Big Tent of Universal Harmony are trying to avoid denigrating the supporters of a huge chunk of the Democratic Party. Way to go, guys.)6. He looks like he’s getting ready to make some kind of sexist remark...(Wow. That’s impressive. Taylor’s fans have developed some sort of empathic or extrasensory perception that alerts them to impending sexism. You know, words like period, or claws, or woman.)

5. She bitchslaps them good on trying to pull their usual shit of cutting her off, and trying to go to a new question coming back from break. Campbell Brown is there because she’s a nasty Rethug snake, and they can’t accuse her of “Sexism”. Only Hillary is Fair Game. (Ding ding! The TM Experience, using our own Anti Sexist Sensory Perception, hereby declare that anyone that uses the term ‘bitchslap’ may not accuse someone ELSE of being sexist.)

4. I really, really dislike him. If he gets the nomination, I’m voting for McCain. Screw him for saying that her supporters would vote for him. (Except, you know, they HAVE said that. And again a Clintonite comes out of the closet as a Republican in favor of 100 year war and ‘brutal’ Supreme Court Justices. That’s what one of Taylor’s Terribles said  would happen if Obama wins the nod, in a comment just above this one, by the way. Good to see they want it to happen)3. is this a trick question to bring up the Monica thing for Hillary? to get that out again? (err..aren’t you the folks that have said Hillary has been ‘vetted’? You don’t think thats NOT going to be brought up in the General Election?)

2. Wow. That just sounded so defeatist and terrible. Oh Hillary, you are too good for this country.(Now, really, need we say anything? Why, the snark writes itself!)

And our Number One Debate Comment of the Night Goes to Clinto supporter MABlue, who shames my home state and writes

Answer the question! Bitch!

And on THAT note, ladies and gentlemen, we bid you goodbye for now. Oh, and feel free to share with us here at The TM Experience YOUR favorite Taylor Marsh Fanatic Quote of the Night in the comments!


4 Responses to “The Great Debate: Taylor’s Friends React (Top 10)”

  1. Kyle E. Moore Says:

    Damn! You have a youtube video up there don’t you? I have to wait until I get home from work to watch.


  2. Kyle E. Moore Says:

    And you have a smiley face at the bottom of your screen I tried to scrape off with my fingernail until I realized it wasn’t just a fleck of something…

    God that thing is freaking me out. I can see a circle around it BUT THERE IS NO CIRCLE!!!!!

  3. bostondreams Says:

    Holy crap. I do have a smiley face. That’s…disturbing.

  4. Robster Says:

    Hey, did you check out the latest comments over there? Talk about unhinged.

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