Coming Soon: The TMers and the Debate

I’m spending time with Mrs. Bostondreamer, but we’ll have a post sharing highlights of Taylorbots’ reactions to the debate. Here’s a preview, from birdie:
I have read avidly all the comments on this post and I have to say that Our Senator Hillary Clinton did not look tired or resigned. She was brilliant and is as regal as one can get. Truth be said, ‘We’ don’t deserve her. She is the essence of mensch.
yes, i teared listening to her final comments.

‘Our Senator Hillary Clinton.’ ‘We don’t deserve her.’ C’mon. She made a great close, but that’s a bit much. A good debate overall.

One Response to “Coming Soon: The TMers and the Debate”

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    […] to get the post debate goods, but Bostondreams is at least gracious enough to provide a preview.  Read the preview, see what I’m talking about, and then check back frequently for the real deal….  If he takes a long time getting it up, start hounding […]

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