Our dear friend JD suggests that those who do not support Hillary Clinton are ‘traitors.’

Forget about the AA community. I hope Bill moves his office to NY city after GE. The AA community abandon the Clintons after what they did for them and of course that traitor Deval Patrick. Bill Richardson too another traitor. Clair McCaskill too many to list.

Traitors? Traitors? Because people voted for the candidate of their choice? Because people voted for a candidate they liked? Are you saying that as Americans, these folks do not have the right to vote for who they wish? That they OWE something to Clinton? What do they owe? I would remind you, JD, that it was this woman’s husbands administration that passed the massive welfare ‘reform’ law that has had a significant negative economic and educational impact on the African American community as a whole.
Is Hillary OWED something? Really? Sounds fascist to me. Oops. Godwin. Sorry.

Look, we also see in this post another underlying theme of these Clintonites. It’s wrong, they say, for African Americans to be predominately favorable toward Obama, but its only natural, they say, for women to lean towards Clinton. You cannot say the former and believe the latter. What a bunch of nonsense, and I find it incredible that anyone could say it with a straight face. But then, these ARE Taylor Marsh fans.

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