Lady MacBeth

I know that the Hillary fans over at Taylor’s place, who are clucking and trashing Michelle Obama’s ‘error’ in her statement about national pride, do not want to attack a candidate’s (non-ex-President) spouse. Need they a reminder about ‘The Lady MacBeth of Little Rock’? Or a reminder about standing by her man and baking cookies?

(apologies for The American Spectator link)

2 Responses to “Lady MacBeth”

  1. Alex Says:

    Here’s a totally delusional thread kicked off by Susan Hu:

    The commenters have convinced themselves that Obama is a puppet under the control of Rove — or George Soros (there’s some disagreement).

    To be fair, at least one of them realizes this is “tinfoil hat” territory, but really a puppet conspiracy is the only way they can get their visceral hatred of him to fit the evidence.

  2. bostondreams Says:

    Ha. That’s lovely. It’s like the old canard about Bill Clinton being a communist agent, all stemming from his Moscow visit in the 1960’s.

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