Voice of Reason

We here at the TM Experience (All Rights, yadda yadda) do seek to be fair and balanced about the charmers over at Taylor Marsh, so here is a voice in the wilderness. Jkfriz writes

A cursory review of these comments reveals comparisons of Obama to Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard, and Hitler (twice). We can have honest disagreements about candidates’ policy, and we can debate the worth of lofty rhetoric as a teaching tool in the campaign. But why – in an election with record turnout numbers and widespread enthusiasm for BOTH candidates by BOTH of their supporters – do we have to be so insistent on the superiority of one candidate that we demonize the other. Hillary is NOT a closet neocon, or a dirty campaigner, or a racist. Obama is not a Republican “Manchurian Candidate,” or a cult leader, or a sexist.

Way to go, JK, but you are screaming in the Wilderness. The only one to hear you is Goodman Brown. But its nice to try.


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