Poor Bill

One thing that the friendly folks over at Taylor Marsh like to do is talk about how wonderful Bill is, how the poor man is ignored and mistreated by those who should support him. For example, our friend Shez writes

I’m not out to “destroy Kos” unlike he is with Hillary. They don’t want to defeat her – they want to destroy her, and Bill. Bill Clinton has heart problems because they broke his fucking heart which is horrible to have to bring up on Valentine’s Day of all days, and now his ‘supposed people’ are doing it again. That’s how it manifests in the physical sometimes. He needs our prayers to survive it again.

So, now, Bill Clinton’s heart is broken because he feels betrayed by all those progressive allies of his. WHEN DID BILL CLINTON DO ONE THING THAT COULD EVEN BE CONSIDERED PROGRESSIVE? Did he (or his wife) oppose DOMA? NO. Did he seek to protect the less fortunate in our society? NO. Hell, he made life worse for them with his horrendous welfare reform. Did he respect the office of the Presidency and act as an eloquent agent of change? HELL NO. The man disgraced the office because he couldn’t keep his d*ck in his pants, and he lied under oath. He was freaking impeached! What a waste of talent. I, for one, have NO sympathy for him. He brought it on himself.


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