Obama is Hitler, Part One Million Five Thousand and Seventeen

One of the more consistent messages coming out of the lovely commenters at Taylor Marsh is that really, Barack Obama is oh so much like Adolf Hitler, and his followers are like those lovely little Germans that put Adolf in power. Case in point, this remark from the no doubt charming Hill08, who tells us that

I myself have had my comments censured on The Huffington Post. Finally, if I posted anything about Obama it would not get printed. On mydd.com I said Obama was a Republican and I was not able to post again. I am so glad to find this site because its frightening that there is a push for this potential demogogue. Its almost like the 30’s in Germany, the mania to push Hitler, the hatred of any group who opposed him. While I do not see anything about Obama which reminds me of Hitler I do see a zealotry which is frightening. Obama talks against older women. If he became President would that talk become action amongst his followers. I would like to see Obama say something to stop this but I believe in a perverse way he enjoys this idolatry. Obama has said he will not let the media filter his message to the people. If it isn’t Hillary then I pray that McCain takes it or that Bloomberg runs. I fear zealots.

(sigh) Once again, I call Godwin. Look, people, the very idea that you would compare Barack Obama’s followers and the man himself to the Nazis demonstrates your own ignorance and a misunderstanding of German history. Getting your comments censored on a blog is NOT equivalent to being beaten up by Brownshirts. Geez. You’d think Clintonites would be more careful with their comparisons. After all, some, like, oh, our friends at Taylor Marsh, have an obsession over their candidate, a belief that she represents the pure strain of Democrats, a belief that she is the only savior in the battle against the Republicans, and a visceral, belittling hatred of ‘the other.’ Oh, dear. I call Godwin on myself.

Oh, and, Hill08, you want McCain in the White House? Then go ahead and vote for him. I will, grudgingly, probably, vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination. I’ll be able to vote for Barack again soon enough.

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