More Misogyny from TM’s Friends!

Oh, poor Hill08. Once again, plagued by the evils of sexism. Why are you afraid of strong women, Hill08?

 That reminds me of Obama being married to a really strong woman too. Seems he slimes Hillary because he can’t talk back to his own wife, who is a real misery. Wonder if she was always a misery or perhaps living with a man who thinks he walks on water has gotten a bit tedious.

One might say the same about Bill, if one wanted to be nasty. But one doesn’t want to be nasty.


One Response to “More Misogyny from TM’s Friends!”

  1. Ron Says:

    Never, ever leave a whole week like that again. I actually had to read the site while you were gone. Looks to me like Taylor has realized what a band of nutjobs she’s given sanctuary to and is slowly backpedaling the smears, softening her tone, and refusing to take responsibility for the commenters. I see she’s also letting a few voices of reason creep into the registered comments as well.

    I’m thinking of starting a Taylor Marsh Suicide Watch with its own button and all as soon as I get some time. Those people are going to need an intervention in March.

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