It’s Marsh Time Again!

Hello, dear readers! I, your gentle host, proudly bring you another edition of the Taylor Marsh Experience. Tonight’s first comment comes to us from none other than the Progressive Queen herself, the lovely Ms. Taylor Marsh. Ms. Marsh, one of our biggest fans here at the TM Experience, demonstrates the perils of a double standard when she writes that:
The comments around here are getting attention. Note to the few uninformed emailing me: I don’t control the speech of others. 

and yet, later, our esteemed Ms. Marsh attacks the gentle DKos site with this beauty:

I guess it’s selective. If you’re smearing Clinton or anyone proving points about Obama you’re fair game. I’d like to know how many others are experiencing this stuff. Seriously, these comments are monitored, right?

Interesting, isn’t it, how Ms. Marsh is sooooooo concerned with fairness and balance, and yet she allows her commenters, such as those we have begun to document here at The TM Experience (All Rights Reserved, Yadda Yadda Yadda) to accuse Obama of being everything but the Anti-christ! Oh, poor Hillary Clinton, poor Taylor Marsh. Woe is them! Whats good for the gander is apparently not so good for the goose..

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