Hillary is Superwoman!

Our calm, collected friend

Well I’m a 50 something pass fo white Male who is a STRONG Hillary supporter. RIGHT here, RIGHT now we NEED a smart, tough as nails President who can start to clean up this INCREDIBLE almost incomprehensable pile of GARBAGE the repugnantklan has created. To rebuild our shattered Military. To rebuild our shattered world image. To rebuild our shattered economy. To rebuild our wornout and crumbling infrastructure. And to RESTORE RULE OF LAW and RESPECT for the CONSTIUTION of the United States of America. THEN universal health care, FULLY funded VA. DUMPING NCLB because it is a HORRIBLE failure that won’t become trully evident for YEARS to come. RESTORE our national Science foundations and their independence. No small order. And it must be done AFTER fighting obamalamadingdong and his swarms of lob laundered obamazoids, the MSM AND the repugnantklan party! But we CAN DO IT!!!!!

So….they accuse supporters of Obama of being unrealistic about his ability to succeed. But then they argue that Hillary will basically become Superwoman? And as a teacher, I’m no fan of NCLB, but Seculardingalong, buddy, it isn’t going anywhere, and it HAS had some successes. Let’s do some research next time, Seculardingalong.


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