Clintonites are Lieberman fans?

So, it seems that mangomist3 over at Taylor’s place is a big fan of Joe Lieberman, who ran as an independent after losing the senatorial nomination in Connecticut and won. Despite the fact that he is one of the more liberal senators (besides the Iraq war), he is often accused of being a traitor to the party, a sore loser, a conservative (oh horror!). But fortunately, commenters over at Taylor Marsh would see his independent run for the Senate as a good, admirable thing!

I dislike Obama more and more. He is playing games with this country and I am not ammused. IF (AND IF) he gets the nomination, I hope there is a grassroots movement waged for Hillary supporters to write her in…since the Independents will split between Bambi and McCain, perhaps she could win!

It’s so good to see people supporting individuals over party! Way to go, Mango!

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