Voting against Interest

Our friend Gray at Taylor Marsh sends us this lovely tidbit:

A big shout out to my gay brothers and sisters, who voted for Clinton over Obama on Super Tuesday! Who knew the day would come when I’d be counted in exit polls? Right on! [Oh yes, indeed, the Clintons are GREAT friends of gays. They have done so much! Like…um…well, there is DOMA..and, well, Bill says he is against gay marriage, so…oh, and he told Kerry to just forget about them in 04. Oh, way to go. My own gay friends are least voting in their interest]

And then there is this apparently oh so aware Clinton fan who forgets that the Clintons BACKED the Defense of Marriage Act!

I am continually amazed to discover that as Americans, we allow the most incredulous atrocities to occur in our name… not just the horrific activities like waterboarding, Abu Garibe and Guantanamo, but the outrageous and obtuse, senseless stupidity of denying another human being their basic human and legal rights based on their sexual preference.

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