Something Else to Make You Laugh

So, Cyn over at Taylor Marsh sends us this beauty tonight:

Paul Street has been writing extensively about the Obama phenomenon since Barack emerged in the political arena and exposing his hypocrisy and lies. You can read his writing in Zmag (online and in hard copy) and elsewhere.
He says serial liars without power are sometimes amusing, but those with power are a problem and a danger. He calls it the “audacity of his deception” referring to Obama’s falsehoods, both the big ones and the small ones as a campaign to “lie and deceive with distinctively nauseating chutzpah again and again and again.” [indeed, lying is a problem. Monica, Gennifer, Paula, Travelgate, oh and there is the whole unethical behavior during the Nixon Watergate investigation. I’m glad to see that so many folks want to see this woman, this liar, stop..oh, wait](Read his recent article “Barack Obama and the Audacity of Deception”)

It’s so good to see folks concerned about honesty, except when it is THEIR candidate.

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