Manufactured Outrage

So of course one of the issues in this race is the situation in MI and FL concerning delegates. There is some discussion among the DNC over how to handle this, and god forbid, they may have to redo the primaries in those states. This of course upsets the good Clintonistas, because their candidate had already agreed to the rules changes that punished those states for changing their primary dates. So our good friend from Taylor Marsh, the ever so aptly named ‘hubris’, tells that he/she is furious with the DNC:

I just sent him off an explicit view of what i think on how this is all being handled, along with the possibility of changing the rules in mid game just so it can favor Obama more than it does now. [really? changing the rules to change Obama? What about Clinton breaking the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ and leaving her name on the ballot in Michigan? Really, the hypocrisy is incredible.]We all think differently on this but I already had decided I won’t vote for Obama if he gains the nomination. I made it clear to Dean I’ll not only boycott but I just might find myself helping the enemy. [Now THIS is brilliant; let’s go ahead and be petulant and, after accusing Obama of not being a real Dem, vote for the Republican. brilliant!]I cannot, I will not sit back and let them manipulate every aspect of this race in order to steal it from the claws of victory, which happen to be Hillary’s well manicured hands! [OOOOO, Sexism alert! Misogyny! Misogyny!]

Well, if they won once, they should be able to win twice, no?

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