The Clintonistas and Me

So here’s my new blog. I’m not sure anyone cares, but it will make me feel better. I’m an Obama supporter, a teacher, an independent, and someone whose first two votes for president were for Bill Clinton.

What we will be doing here at the TM Experience is looking through the always interesting Taylor Marsh’s Echo Chamber blog for the most interesting and hypocritical Pro-Clinton/anti-Obama comments, and sharing them with you, as well as trying to figure out just who they are supporting or what they are saying. As you read them, I ask you to simply absorb them…and think.

Now, let’s highlight the idiocy, shall we? My comments are in bold. Our first comment of the day comes from the always lively and kind ‘secularhumanizevoluter,’ who writes Ms. Marsh and declares:

I’ve only been screamin this since the FIRST time I saw this clown at the Dem Convention. He is a Talibangelical only his TV megachurch is the MSM and the “prog/lib” blogshere.[so now Obama is equivalent to the Taliban] And I just don’t understand it or his appeal anymore then I understood the fat little GURU who had all the college educated well off to rich white kids living together sleeping on the floor eating one meal of rice while working like 18hrs a day just so they could send HIM the money. Or the folks who followed Jim Jones to the jungle and took that sip of the Jim Jones Cocktail and in seconds were in heaven. Or the folks who gave every dime they had to him and that mutant wife of his, or Jimmey Swaggert, CAUGHT soliciting a hooker to bring her DAUGHTER along for a session and STILL raking in the millions etc. etc. etc WHAT is WRONG with our society that young people are so emotionally empty and damaged that such a transparently bogus huckster along with ALLLLL the UUUBERCHRISTIFACISTICTALIBANGELICAL can so easily get people to turn off their minds and hand their lives over to such shallow, vile individuals. [so the only reason that young people will support Obama is because they are screwed up. lovely] I am TRULLY baffled. And the REALLY scarry part is these true believers are EXACTLY the sort who would without hesitation stuff you and me alive into the oven and KNOW they were doing the right thing because the LEADER told them to.[Holy crap. Obama is Hitler! I call Godwin] America, America, I weep for you and what’s to come when the scales finally fall from so many peoples eyes and they realize they’ve been had. THAT is the most dangerus time. Because to justify to THEMSELVES what they’ve done they’re going to have to DO something else. And I shudder to think what that might be. I don’t think it’s outta line to hope and inquire into how good Senator Clintons personnal security is.[watch out Hillary, Obama may want you dead]

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is our TM Experience of the Evening. Good Night, and God Bless. 🙂


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